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Roll Up, Roll Up For The Magical Mystery Tour


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Bob Dylan

   During the 60’s Rock’ n ’roll exploded into something many people still do not comprehend.  Without the new boundaries established by the music of the 60’s most popular forms of music would not be available to mass audiences.  The musical experimentation of the 60’s led record labels to rethink how they went about signing an act.  Rock’ n ‘Roll was beginning to gain popularity and musical mad scientists began experimenting with feedback and distortion.  This new form of music was, largely but not always, inspired by the newest drug craze; ACID, but more on that later.  Known as Psychedelic Rock, this new form of music first became popular on the west coast, especially in San Francisco.  Bands like the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Company, and of course the Jimi Hendrix Experience were all extremely popular wets coast Psychedelic Rock bands.  The movement then moved to the East coast to groups such as The Fugs and the Velvet Underground.  It then jumped the pond and groups like the Beatles and the rolling Stones began experimenting with this new form often with albums full of overtly psychedelic covers.  Psychedelic Rock even began to influence soul groups such as Sly and the Family Stone and the Chambers Brothers.



       One cannot write on the music of the 60’s without at least mentioning the King.  Elvis enjoyed great popularity even with the explosion of Psychedelic Rock.  The king produced records and movies during this time and never dropped from popularity with his fans.  Often the “clean cut” Elvis would be quoted as saying negative things about drug users.  As we all now know Elvis, if he said half of the things he is credited with, is a hypocrite; but lets let the king RIP.

Roger Daltrey of

The Who


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The Grateful Dead


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James Marshal Hendrix


Bob Marley




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