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Join Spike, Jet, Faye,

Edward, and Ein as they

bebop through the galaxy.

Each week I will add

a synopsis of each episode,

starting with the first five.




Session 1:Asteroid Blues

Spike and Jet track a bounty.The bounty posses a strong drug, which is introduced through the eye as a spray.Spike and jet have to use both wits and muscle to get this bounty.In the end the bounty meets a tragic end.This first episode introduces us to Spike and Jet.Other characters will be introduced as the series progresses.



Session 2: Stray Dog Strut

Spike and Jet track a bounty that kidnapped a very special laboratory test animal.Ein, the dog that was kidnapped, is a data dog.Iím still not sure exactly what that means, but he is very smart.Spike and jet track the bounty, in the end the bounty turns himself in, and Spike saves Einís life.Ein becomes a key character.



Session 3: Honkytonk Women

In this episode we meet Faye, who is working at a space casino trying to pay back depts.She mistakes Spike for a mark carrying a special chip.It gets really complicated, especially considering that I havenít seen this episode in a while.



Session 4:



Session 5: Ballad of Fallen Angels

This episode introduces Vicious, Spikeís old friend and arch nemesis.Spike was a member of the Red Dragon Syndicate.He left the organization, mostly because of conflicts between Spike and Vicious over Julia, Spikeís true love (or something like that).Spike has been trying to hide his past, but a bounty is played on the head of the organization.Jet tries to stop Spike from going, Faye discovers the large bounty and becomes bait.Spike and Vicious battle it out.This is a great episode, which is really important to the rest of the story line. IT IS A MUST SEE EPISODE.


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