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This holds all the old news stories from the front page, for future reference. I limit the front page to 10 stories, max-- the 11th story at any given time is moved to this page. But if you want to know what's gone on during the year, check this page out.
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Christmas Party

posted 11.26.03
There will be a Christmas party for all the moms (just the moms!) on Tuesday, December 16th, from 6:30-9pm(?). Please bring finger foods and dessert. And a $5-10 gift. Let Tammy or Annette know if you're coming.

Nursing Home

posted 11.26.03
Friday, December 5th we will be going to Ocean Trail Nursing Home in Southport to paint the women's nails. Please bring nail polish and remover. All who are going contact Lisa Morgan.

Weight Loss Program

posted 11.26.03
Would anybody be interested in forming a weight-loss group? Contact Kathy Roemer if you're interested. Meetings will probably be on Fridays during activity day, since parents will be dropping the kids off anyway. This will be open to everybody-- moms, dads, kids-- because losing weight works best if everybody in the family is involved.

Books Wanted

posted 11.19.03
Sybil Mitchell Simmons is looking for some Abeka books, ASAP, see for-sale for more information. There are also several things for sale listed in the for-sale page, please take a look at them.

Birthday Calendar

Annette Mooney and Janet Evans are requesting that everyone who wants their birthday or their child's birthday listed on the calendar and recognized, send an email to one of them or to me and the birthday will be listed on the calendar. Birthdays will also be recognized once a month.

Yearbook Committee Meeting

Annette Mooney emailed to remind everyone that "anyone who would like to be on the yearbook committee, we will be meeting at Supply Baptist Church @ 9:00a.m. Friday the 14th. We can't have a great yearbook if we don't have great input and pictures."

County Fair Exhibit

Annette Mooney says:"Just wanted to let everyone know that we came in 6th place at the Tri-county fair for our Poisonous snake exhibit. I really can't believe we didn't come in first. Oh well, at least we placed."

Thanksgiving Dinner

We will be having Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 22. Thanks to Mrs. Evans for emailing me the details. "Hello, children, we are about to have a Thanksgiving dinner and everyone is welcome. It will be at Supply Baptist Church, November 22nd, at 6:00 p.m. We are asking every family that comes to bring 3 sides, a dessert and a beverage. If you are bringing extra family, such as grandparents, please bring extra food portions. Also we need for each family to sign up with Ricki, 754-5806, , or Tina, 253-4544, . We need to know how many will be attending. Each family is asked to contribute $5.00 toward buying the meat."

November Meeting

The November meeting will be Monday, Nov. 24 at BEMC at 7 PM, so mark your calendars.

Yearbook Committee

Janet Evans said in the latest email (11.01.03):
"Anyone on the yearbook committee for this year, and anyone else who wants to be on it, meet at Supply Baptist Church at 9:00 am."
Friday, 11.07 is the day.

Nursing home

We are planning to visit Autumn Care nursing home in Shallotte this thursday, the 30th, at 2:30. Anyone who can come, meet at the nursing home just before 2:30. We are going to do some kind of craft with the residents. Come and bring the kids .

This second note is copied from the latest email:

This is a
forward from Lisa, it contains all the info, and I am just sending it on as
is...hopefully some of you can make it
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 10:10 AM
Subject: (no subject)

Hi Janet - I have just spoken with Angela at  Ocean Trail in Southport
regarding the carnival we ( homeschool kids and parents  who can attend )
will be helping to run . If anyone is interested it will be on Firday the
31st after co-op . It will start at 2:30 and last about 1 hour. We will be
helping with the games - bean bag toss, fishing ,and they will have a 
pinata and face painting.
Annete has volunteered her services as a clown and will also bring 
balloons.  I will dress up also  as a clown and if the kids would like to
dress up I am sure the residents  would love it .Also if you have extra
candy lying around ,as we all do this time of year ,we could use this to 
let the children put in the resident's bags.We hope  to see all of you 
there .
If you have any questions or if you can help in any way please call me at
                                  Thanks to all - Have a blessed week !!
				                                Lisa Morgan
							        P.S. For
those who can't make it Friday in Southport we will be at Autumn Care , in
Shallotte, on Thursday October 30th making crafts with the residents at 


First post!

It's 5:45, 10.28.03, and is now up and running. The purpose of this site is to have all the current news, events, and other information that Brunswick County homeschooling parents need to know in one easily accessible place. This site also has a 'help' forum where parents can ask the group questions about homeschooling, as well as a 'for sale' forum to sell things related to homeschooling (books, curriculums, etc.). The directory will also be online.