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Brunswick County Homeschool Activity Group

News, events, help, and info for Brunswick County homeschool parents

The purpose of this site is to have all the current news, events, and other information that Brunswick County homeschooling parents need to know in one easily accessible place. This site also has a 'help' forum where parents can ask the group questions about homeschooling, as well as a 'for sale' forum to sell things related to homeschooling (books, curriculums, etc.). The directory will also be online.

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Ceramic Class

posted 2.18.04
The fee is $7 for younger kids, $10 for older kids. The younger kids' project is the dalmatian box. dalmatian box
The older kids' project is the candle shade and holder. candle shade
field trip

Yet Another Field Trip Update

posted 2.2.04
Urgent email from Rita Elliot:
The Titanic exhibit scheduled for February 20th, cost $5.00/child, $10.00/adult. The available time for the Titanic exhibit that day is 12:00. The tour will take approximately one hour and then we can also do other things in the rest of the museum. We will be able to take the 4-H bus. There is only one bus and it holds up to 15 passengers. Contact me if you have questions, Rita- 842-9778 or email me . I have to confirm reservations by tomorrow 2/3/04.

Valentine Dance

posted 2.1.04
We are having a Valentine dance for the kids in grades 7-12, on Friday, Feb. 13th, at the Winnabow Community building, at Winnabow Park, off Hwy. 17. The cost will be $5 per child, and there will be lots of chaperones. There will be plenty of good, clean fun and lots of food. The kids will not be permitted to leave and enter, but will have to stay until a parent arrives to claim them. It will start at 6:00 and last until 9:00. If you would like for your child/children to attend, please get in touch with Annette, 253-6732, or Tammy, 253-4549, so we can plan how much food to prepare. This needs to be done ASAP so we can finalize the plans.

Homeschool Newsletter

posted 1.31.04
Here's a file that's been emailed out. It's a newsletter, and it has some pretty good articles.
field trip

Field Trip Reminder

posted 1.22.04
Just a reminder about the field trip on Friday to the Screen Gems Studios...we will NOT be having the last class at co-op, so we can be at the studio by 1:30. Also, this trip is for anyone else who would like to go and bring their kids. Anyone that has not paid their fee to go can pay Friday, $12 for adults and kids over 12, and $5 for kids under 12. If anyone wants to follow along with the group, please meet at Supply Church by 12:00, or you can meet the group at the studio at 1:30.

Ceramic Class Fees

posted 1.21.04
The fee for both ceramic classes is $8.

School Pictures

posted 1.20.04
Some info on the school pics: they will be taken at Becky's house next Saturday, background for headshots is royal blue, so don't wear anything that will clash or not show up...details in a day or so. The kids chose their school colors the other day, and they are Royal blue, white and spring green, and their mascot is a dragon.


posted 1.20.04
Printer cartridges
This is a reminder for everyone to bring in their old used printer cartridges to Sheila at co-op on Fridays. The money we get for these adds to our general fund, to be used for everyone.
Box tops
We need to give Candy our box tops for education. She's in charge of that now. Also, everyone needs to pick up their yearbook ad papers. The amount we sell will determine the amount of pages we can submit. I encourage everyone to do this.
Yearbook ads
I would like everyone who submit ads to approve their ad pages, so we don't make any mistakes!

Science Class

posted 1.16.04
Anyone who is in the Science class, the fee is going to be $5 per child
field trip

Field Trip Update

posted 1.16.04
Janet Evans sent around an email saying: Cheryl called and said that the field trip to the Screen Gems Studio has been changed from Tuesday to next Friday, the 23rd, at 2:00. So ,anyone wishing to go will have to bring their money tomorrow to co-op class, as we will have to make the deposit now. We can leave directly from the church after class, and be at the studio by 2:00.

Art Class

posted 1.14.03
To everyone who is taking art at the co-op classes this time, you need a white colored pencil this Friday.
field trip

Homeschool Field Trip

posted 1.13.04
Janet Evans sent out an email about a field trip:
We have a field trip next Tuesday, the 20th, to the Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, at 10:00 a.m. They will take us behind the scenes of some of the unused studios and show us how movies are made. We have to have at least 20 to sign up to go, and the cost is $12 for adults and $5 for kids under 12. If you are interested in going on this trip, please get in touch with Cheryl, 842-9812, , or Rita, 842-9778, , by tomorrow night, Wed., the 14th. We have to let them know at the studios on Thursday morning if we will be coming or not.


posted 1.13.04
Janet Evans sent out an email about bowling:
Just a reminder that bowling starts next Friday, the 16th, at the Shallotte Bowling Center. It will start at 2:00, as usual, and last till approx. 4:00.
field trip

Field Trip Update

posted 12.7.03
Rita Elliott sent around an email giving an update of the field trips:
I haven't had any responses to the Cape Fear field trip. I'm going to assume no one is interested or either too busy at this time of the year to think about a field trip. So, it is off for now. I think the How Things Work exhibit goes through January. I'll try a trip then if there is an interest, but everyone interested will have to let me know. This has to be scheduled ahead in order to get the guided tour.
The Trolley finally called me back, but I didn't talk directly to him. He left a message on my machine. He stated the group rate is for 15 or more people and is one dollar less than the regular price. I have only had one response to this trip. I am thinking about the weekend of December 19, 20, or 21, one of those days. Please let me know if you are interested.
So to summarize: the December Cape Fear trip is off, please email if you are interested in the Trolley trip (it is still in the planning), and email me if you have an interest in a January Cape Fear trip.
Thanks so much, I know everyone is busy.

field trip

Field Trips

posted 12.2.03
Rita Elliott sent around an email saying:
There are two field trips in the works.

Cape Fear Museum, How Things Work.
This will be December 11, 9:30 am. This is a guided tour. Cost is $2.00/ student and no cost for parents (they are considered chaperones).

Holiday Light Tour with the Wilmington Trolley
This is a 1 hour tour through Wilmington's most decorated neighborhoods aboard a nostalgic open air motorized trolley. The tours are on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays the first three weekends of December. I am still trying to get up with someone regarding what the prices will be and what dates are available for a group tour. At this time, I know regular prices are Adults- $10.00, six to twelve- $5.00. The group prices should be less.

Please let me know who is interested in these two tours and I will do the finishing work. Hopefully by Tuesday I'll be able to get up with someone at the trolley about their group rates.

Other happenings in the area that I found during my searching and these are free.

  Annual Holiday Lighting of the Battleship
  December 5, Friday

  Lighting of The Worlds Largest Living Christmas Tree
  December 12, Friday  6:00 pm
  Will remain lit until December 31.

  Christmas telling at the Community Arts Center
  December 18, Thursday  7:00 pm
  6 years and older

  Christmas Eve at the Aquarium
  December 24, Wednesday  9:00-5:00
  Free admission all day.
There is one more event.  This one is not free, but for  good benefit.

  Festival of Trees
  Lower Cape Fear Hospice
  November 29- December 7
  Weekdays 9:00 am- 9:00 pm
  Weekends 10:00 am- 9:00 pm
  Cost $6.00

This is all the information I have at this time. I will be emailing with further information as I get it.

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