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alarm_clock 1.0

Foosoft, a new innovative software/computer company. Our product line includes custom-coloured Linux computers, Linux software, alarm clock software. We will remotely administer your computer(s), for a monthly fee. The alarm clock/timer has been designed to run on Linux, but is cross-platform, so it will run on Windows, too.

alarm_clock logo


Coming soon: GUI alarm_clock 1.0 Will be for sale and downloadable when it's finished, and installed for free on our Linux computers.

Now available for free download: console alarm_clock 1.0. The console version of the alarm_clock currently only runs on Linux.


For a monthly fee, we will administer your computers. There are 3 subscription plans.

Basic Plan:
When a patch for your distro is released, we will patch the system. We will also set up a firewall customized for your needs.

Kernel Plan:
Whenever you feel you need a kernel upgrade, we'll custom-compile a new kernel for your system.

Premium Plan:
You get the basic plan, plus we will install/compile and configure any packages you want.

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