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These are links to my favourite sites on the 'Net. Hope you find them useful.

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Random Randomness

News, some of it is HHOS (ha ha only serious), some of it HHNSS (ha ha not so serious):

The Register (British tech paper/site)
the Onion

Misc. Humour:
    And the weekly email :)

evil overlord
jokes from (you know, Windows Notepad...?)
making fiends

Security: nmap, exploits, etc. Goodsite. security research, papers, etc. self-explanatory. :) The OSSTMM document and the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies


freshmeat free/open source (whatever)software, includes programs for most OSs (not just Linux).
sourceforge same as above, only moreso. home of the Python programming language.
the Wizard Book MIT's textbook for intro to computer programming (or whatever they call it). The language used is Scheme. Good book (so far :), but heavy on math. :\
online O'Reilly books I figurethis is as good a place as any to stick this... :)
the Jargon File (aka The New Hackers Dictionary)self-explanatory, I think. This is a local copy, unofficial mirror. Read this! Especially if you can't understand what I'm saying half the time (like, you don't get the "Foo Bar and Grill" joke :). Home of Free Software.

Linux: Good site, not necessarily for newbies. :)
linux google google within Google's 'Linux' category. newbies to the Linux kernel-- for people (like me) who want to get into kernel hacking. home of the Linux kernel.

Random Randomness:

google ah, google! :) Google is my friend, and probably yours, too. ;)
How to ask questions read this before posting to any mailing lists!
the Tool page Tool rocks! :)
Pink Floyd Online What can I say, I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan. Hell, I even love Ummagumma-- even the band themselves don't even like that album. :)
The Principia Discordia The main (only?) book of Discordianism. For more information on Discordianism, consult the Jargon File. Hail Eris, all hail Discordia!

I think that's about it for the moment...