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About me

Ok, the obligatory bit about myself. My name is Vikki Roemer. My email address is vikkiATneuromancer.homelinuxDOTcom (unmung it to email me). I live in rural North Carolina. I'm 18 and I'll graduate high school in either January or May-- I'm home-schooled, so I can graduate whenever I want, basically. I'm a computer nerd and I program in my spare time; hopefully someday I'll be good enough to be considered a hacker. Note: by 'hacker' I mean real hacker, not cracker. Hackers build things (generally programs), crackers break things (generally other peoples' computers). If you want to learn about real hackers, check out Eric S. Raymond's hacker-howto. Now that that's straightened out, on to other things...
Here's my geekcode. Use to decode it.
Version: 3.12
GAT d(-) s: a19 C++++(++) UL++++ P+ L+++>++++ E- W++ N+ o? 
K- w--() O? M? V?(-) PS+(+++) PE(++) Y+ PGP++ t+@ 5 X+ 
R*(?) tv-- b+++(++) DI+ D--(?) G e-(*)>+++++ h! r x*

My personal homepage has more in-depth info about me and has my writings.

If you're looking for my music collection and the gnutella directory, I took them down (hopefully temporarily) due to bandwidth constraints. Unfortunately, I'm running my websites (, and over a dialup connection-- the same connection that I use for everyday browsing and for school-- and the excessive bandwidth usage was screwing up my school and my mom's mail. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Foosoft logo


Foosoft is a software/computer company I'm working on starting up. I will be selling custom-coloured Linux computers on the computer end of it. On the software side, my main piece of software to begin with will be an alarm clock/timer that is mainly made to run on Linux (the only system I've found that can consistently run overnight), but is cross-platform, so it will run on Windows, too. As you can probably tell, Foosoft is only just starting up, so it probably won't be fully running until 2004. Here's the link to the site.

technogeek forum logo

Technogeek Forum now has a forum. The target audience is mostly geeks, but everyone is welcome. The topics range from computer hardware to software like Linux, Windows, and MacOS, to sci-fi, anime, and health. Check it out. :)

Files (and stuff)

Hacks, etc.

Here's the hacked version of the 'city' game, the original of the game that I originally got from, and the diff of the two files. The diff is useful for debugging-- especially for the 'bomb misses' bug, which was not there originally. See, I'm still banging away at the program, trying to find that bloody bug.

I also hacked together a musical randomness tester. It pulls numbers from a random number generator and generates tones based on the numbers. Um, as soon as I can, I'll write up a README file.

I've kinda started working on my learning music program, nicknamed singer. It will, in the future, take some basic 'rules'of music and some 'base-case' melodies that I've given it, and write its own music using a genetic algorithm. It will base 'good' music on the input it receives from humans and on the weights of each of the melodies and rules. Keep in mind, though, that I've just barely started getting the files together to have it do *anything*. This project will probably take at least a year. *shrug*

Here are some random C programs that I wrote in my C Programming course.

Here is most (if not all) of the work I've done in my Python/OOP course and some hacks that are written in Python. A lot of it is examples from the book that I kept, but more and more of it is original stuff and a lot of it was homework. ;)

All of my tools (and other random files that also happen to be written in a computer language (C, Python, bash, x86 assembly, Perl, Lisp, Logo, etc.)) are here. Lisp and C are the 2 greatest languages inthe world, with Python coming in a close second. :) I just had to say that. *grin*

It's Spacewar! Written in Python, no less. If you've read Hackers, you know what game I'm talking about.

Here's the infamous alarm_clock, version 1.0.1 (kinda-sorta-not-really working), 1.0 (latest stable version), and 0.9 (first packaged release). I'm working on the GUI version (the one that I'm going to sell), and I have an old screenshot of it. But the screen shot is pretty useless at the moment because it's out of date and completely inaccurate. At the moment the GUI alarm_clock isn't working, but you can download what I have so far here. Run to start it.

Computer and computer-related things that aren't hacks, per se, but are still (IMHO) interesting

And here are the current and 3 best uptimes for my box. Eat your hearts out, Window$ users! :)

I'm probably going to regret this, but... dwww has most, if not all, of the documentation on my system. info2www does exactly what the name says-- it has info manuals that it's converted to html.

The two open-source virus jokes that I found are posted up here: 1 (praise be to Google!) & 2. Funnily enough, the joke-virus that was described on (now defunct :( ) would be easy to writeas a set of shell scripts. ;) Considering how much I like practical jokes and my *taste* in practical jokes (*grin*), that may be a Bad Thing. Keep an eye out on April Fool's Day. :P

Here are my Debian and Slackware install-floppy images.

This page is a funny, if somewhat dated, page about what the difference is between a user, a guru, etc.

And then there's always the news story (it's true!) about M$ engineers calling Netscape engineers"weenies". :)

Books, stories, papers

Here are some of the books from my online library. Enjoy!

My personal writings have been moved to my personal homepage. I think that's a more apropriate place for them.

Random things, and jokes.

*shrug* I dunno, for some reason they just seem to go together... ;)

My Cambridge page. Sorry that it sucks at the moment, but I am working on getting pictures to put up.

My .sig archive file. That's the file that has all the quotes that I put (or rather, sigrot puts) in my .sig. :)

My pretty picture of a burning pepper...

My disgusting cartoon about fragging. :P

A weird, random picture of something blowing up and going KABLASM!. *shrug*

It's raining geckos and guitars! No guitars or geckos were harmed in the painting of this picture. ;)

In this picture I was venting some of my anger about some personal issues I have. It's one of the first abstract pictures I've drawn.

I have my own highly unofficial 'Best of' mirror.

Speaking of Engrish, here are some foreign signs that are really funny. :)

Random stuff I feel like adding

Why is your box named 'neuromancer'?

Because I have a tradition/habit of naming the hostnames of my computers after AI computers from all the sci-fi stories I've read. Currently, the hostnames of the 3 installs are:

    neuromancer You're looking at it-- named for the AI in William Gibson's Neuromancer.

    hal10000 (like HAL 9000, only new & improved) The Win2k install on my parents' computer; the name is a sort of a pun-- hal9000 was our old Win95 P133 box that we sold to my aunt, as well as the AI in 2001: A Space Odyssey (great book, bad movie), so the "new & improved" part is referring to the fact that a 1.3 GHz P4 with 256 MB RAM and a 60 GB HD is a vast improvement over a P133 with 16 MB RAM and a 1 GB HD. and

    joshua The Libranet install on my parents' computer-- named after the AI in the movie "Wargames".

Incidently, I have a copy of Neuromancer online right over here. :)

What all does your box do?

Basically, this box is my 'router firewall server desktop workstation'. So far. Actually, I wish I had a separate box to set up as a router/firewall-- but, no one around here throws away computers and I don't have the money to buy one. :( So I'm stuck.


In case you haven't figured it out yet ;), Linux, in my (not so humble) opinion, is the greatest OS (operating system) in the world. What other OS can do all these things, and do all of them well?:

  • Run webservers and mailservers
  • Run hand-held computers
  • Run supercomputers for NASA and Los Alamos National Labs, among others
  • Be one of the most popular desktop OSs
  • Run the onboard computers for spacecraft
  • And much more...


tux the penguin (you know, the Linux logo) Obligatory links to the greatest OS IMHO (Linux) and the greatest distros IMHO, Debian and Libranet.

BTW, the picture to the left is the Linux logo, Tux the penguin. He's so cute. :)

See the links page for more links.

Questions, comments, warnings, flames, bribes, etc., send to me. Unmung the address first, of course. ;)