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I Get High With A little Help…


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       In the 60’s the most popular drugs were hallucinogens, the most popular being LSD.  Hallucinogenic drugs were popular in the 60’s because the user experienced a trip in which colors swirled and were “heard and” sound was seen and felt.  Often users experienced the “Superman Complex” in which he or she would leap from an openwindow or off the tops of buildings.  The senses were so dulled by many hallucinogens that users would often do very harmful things to the selves or others, not realizing what they were doing.  Some of these “events” are mere urban legend, like that baby sitter who cocked the baby while on acid, while others are based on fact, such as the multiple “accidental” suicides committed by people on LSD.

       Another extremely popular drug during the 60’s was marijuana.  Also known as Pot, Grass, Weed, and many other aliases, marijuana is not considered by many to be a hallucinogen.  Marijuana is made from the dried leaves and flowering stalks of the hemp plant.  It can be smoked (in pipes or cigarettes) and it can be mixed with foods and drinks.  People often confuse marijuana with it’s cousin made from the same plant; hashish.  Marijuana has different effects on different people; for some the experience can be pleasant; for others horrifying.  Marijuana has been used for centuries and is illegal in many countries, though decriminalization and legalization laws are trying to be passed everywhere.

       LSD, lysergic acid diethylamide, is a drug, which is made from a fungus that occurs naturally on rye and wheat.  Besides being the most popular hallucinogen in the 60’s LSD has also been thought to be responsible for the Salem Witch Hunts.  Arthur Stoll and Albert Hoffmann created LSD, or ACID.  LSD can have very pleasant or frightening effects on a user.  LSD is illegal.

       Other hallucinogenic drugs include mescaline, made from the peyote cactus.  Mescaline has very similar effects to that of LSD.  Psilocybin, a drug made from certain types of mushrooms, also has similar attributes of LSD.  All of these drugs cause the user to experience a trip, the length and intensity of which varies from drug to drug and person to person.  Different people have different experiences.  All of the afore mentioned drugs are illegal to grow, produce, sell, buy or posses. 


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