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3 Days of Peace & Music

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In August of 1969 an event occurred that had perhaps the largest impact on how the 60ís are remembered.Because of this event we think of hippies, painted school buses, and fun in the mud.We think of Woodstock.The Woodstock Festival of Music and Art Aquarian Exposition was the brain child of two wealthy, fresh from college, business students and a couple of record producers.Originally slated for 150 thousand, the numbers (by some accounts) swelled to over a million, which then dwindled to around 500,00.Many of todayís generation remember the failed attempt to resurrect the spirit of the original Festival with the notorious Woodstock 99í.But, if you look back in history you will discover that the original was no free love hippie fest.By many accounts the two compare on the amount of death, destruction, and personal injury.The accounts of rape, sexual harassment, etc. may not be as high, but the amount of sex and nudity is almost equal.What we all remember though is the great music, naked hippies, and mud.To the Hippie movement Woodstock came to represent all that was right, but another music festival would be the beginning of the end for the Hippies.The festival was Altamont.It was largely a concert by the Rolling Stones.Altamont is remembered mostly for the death of one young man who was knifed to death by the Hellís Angels.As quickly as Woodstock had added fuel to the fire of the Hippies, Altamont extinguished the flame.






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